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Poros of the '50s

In that period Poros...

In that period Poros was much
more picturesque and beloved.
The pine trees end up in
the coast of the sunny beaches.
On the mountainous regions
the inhabitants cultivate the olive trees whereas on the tableland
of "Fousas" the vineyards, locust trees, fig trees and almond trees.

Many inhabitants are cattle breeders. At "Lemonodassos"(Lemon Forest) they produce the famous lemon juice of Poros. But the most habitants their main occupation was fishing and resin collection, cutting the pine trees. In the end of the summer they carried the resin on horses back to Askeli and then to Piraeus by boats.

They used boats to transport their products. Generally the citizens
of Poros started to concern about tourism. Next to the traditional cafe's one can see the first tourist shops selling souvenirs of popular art.

Many houses are turned into boarding houses
and their owners
wit at the port together
with the porters to offer
hospitality to the island visitors.

Others man the boats or become boatmen and drive the tourists to the picturesque beaches of the island. Some of them even use their boats to ferry cars from Galatas. Both the inhabitants and the visitors spent their time at the small cafe's, taverns and in summer time they enjoyed themselves watching
a film at "Diana" cinema.

We must also report the unique rides through the exquisite paths
on a horse or a mule towards Poseidon's Temple.

We would like to thank Mr. Costas Moraitis for all these beautiful photographs.




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