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Local Festivities

Local Festivities

Painting mosaics tapestry and music with movement and sound are just a few of the arts that the children can learn free of charge in Poros. In the summer months all of these lessons are available to the children.

Kids' painting exhibition

Sculpture exhibition

Painting exhibition

On New Years Eve everybody waits for the New Year and Santa Claus in the square where the mayors office is and under the big Christmas tree there are presents, sweets and people singing.

It's reality nice to celebrate the Greek Easter in Poros and all of the week leading up to the Easter weekend you can hear the church bells chiming.

On big Friday they take 4 replica coffins of Jesus to Heroes Square and they chant various traditional Greek orthodox religious prayers.

On the 24th June Saint John's day is celebrated by jumping through large fires.

On the first 10 days of July every two years they have sailors week. This celebration turns the where island upside-down. During July and August every weekend they have exhibitions from the navy athletics concerts. This all takes place in Hero Square.


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