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Water Sports...

The good weather conditions
at Poros are suitable for
water sports.

An excellent training center
is located at Poros and
very important sport development takes place.

In Poros' paddledrome a lot of famous athletes from all over the world were trained.

Poros has two naval clubs and three Water skiing training centers.


N.O.P.T. was established in 1971
and includes the following departments:

  • Rowing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Water skiing

    N.O.P.T is managing a 300 m2 gym and fitness center that fully equipped and very well organized.

    Contact Number: 22980-23957, FAX 23018



Ν.Α.Τ. was established in 1991 and includes mainly rowing

President: Dimitris Caritsoulis

Contact Numbers: 22980 - 23960 & 22664




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