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Water Sports

Water Sports

At the greeny and picturesque
Poros the calm and the good weather conditions, creates
the perfect combination
for an exercise center,
which includes any water sport
you would like to try using
the appropriate instructor.
Poros has 3 schools for water sports, in Askeli, Neorio and Perlia.
Here, you can also try amusement water sports all day long. Ronnie Seikeli the famous golden retriever has been trained in Poros, likewise many national teams from Scandinavia and Balkans. Some of the sports that you can enjoy in Poros are: Wind surfing, jump, trick skiing, wakeboard, barefoot, jet ski, banana, tubes, Canoe and Kayak.

Poros also is an ideal place
for scuba diving especially
near to promontory Axerdo.
It is protected and safe for
those that want to enjoy
the beauty of sea.



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