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Poros Today

Approaching Poros by boat...

... its Historic Clock is imposing
from the distance on the
highest top of the hill, among
prickly pears and pine trees.
It was built in 1927, it is visible
from every part and it is the jewel
of the town.
Poros is the island of peace, romance and jauntiness.
It is overgrown with pine trees
which reach the rugged shores
or the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are like all islands, spontaneous, decent and hospitable.

The houses by the sea are big
and neoclassical in contrast to the simple two - floored houses in Brinia, Mylos, Pounta and Kasteli.

At the center of town you can find the archaeological museum , the library, reception rooms, and on the beach there's an open air cinema.

There are many little taverns
spread among the pictures - due backstreets of Poros.

Along the pier, the visitor sees plenty of cafeterias, restaurants, tourist shops, many bars
and discos with foreign and
Greek music.

On the outskirts of the town
in Northwest there are the
Military Navy facilities,
the Progymnastirio,
the first residence of Othon.

That is where today the pretraining of the sailors takes place.

After the Progymnastirio,
a small canal separates
Spheria from Kalavria.
After the Sinikismos (Settlement)
the visitors follow the footpath that continues along passing through
a wonderful area full of pine trees. The picturesque church dedicated
to Virgin Maria, the trees and the running water give to this place
an exceptional beauty. Moreover
the visitors can enjoy the wonderful view that the Posidonas Club offers. Another picturesque church the visitors will meet until they finally arrive to Palatia where the Ancient Temple of Posidonas exists.

After the canal bridge there is
the Sinikismos (Settlement),
which was first inhabited by
Minor Asia refugees.

On the left, towards the West,
there is Perlia. The road continues along the beach passing through Neorio, the love port, and the Russian Dockyard with the
little island Daskalio.

On the right of kanali the road,
in the east part, leads to Askeli
and branches off towards the "Zoodochou Pigi" Monastery
and in the north part, towards
the Temple of Posidon and Vagionia. Furthermore, passing through 'Agios Stathis" plateau
and "Prophitis Elias", we come back through the Sinikismos
(Settlement) to the canal.

Today Poros with its traditional local color, its picturesque,
its cosmopolitan life and modern facilities is the ideal
holiday resort.



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