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"Trizinia" is one of few areas
of interest due to its unique geographical layout.

It would be a shame both for
the area and for its thousands
of visitors not to discover the wonderful landscape.


The modern visitor is searching
for something more than just
a suntan or other usual forms
of entertainment, more mature
and cultured, concerned
about the environment,
is exploring every aspect
of the scenery.


Places that are unique because
of their great history,
and geographical importance.
The visitor will have the opportunity to walk around and discover
the beauty of the island by
following the footpaths. Places
such as "Monastiri", "Kanali",
and "Neorio" are really
worth seeing.


There is a beautiful footpath that the tourists can follow and visit places
such as "Sinikismos", "Brisoula", "Profiti Ilia", "Agio Stathi"
and finally the Poseidon's Temple.

Very close to the Poseidon's Temple is Fousa and Vagionia, where
visitors can enjoy the beach. For those that enjoy fishing, "Skarpiza"
is the right place.

The "Lemon Forest" in Galatas is another beautiful place that is worth visiting and a lot of people using donkeys.

Finally we really need to mention "Diavologefiro" which is a place that easily can be recognized by its exceptional geographical layout.




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